Why Should You Service at the Dealership? Here’s Why.

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Today’s drivers keep their car on the road for a long time.  According to R.L. Polk, the average age of a vehicle on the road is 11.4 years.  With older cars on the road, service and recommended maintenance become more important than ever.

So where should you service your vehicle?  Your selling dealership! Aren’t they going to charge me an arm and a leg?  Why does it matter where I service my car?

There’s a lot of noise on servicing at the dealership vs. the aftermarket.  Here are some common misconceptions consumers have about servicing at the dealership:

Common Misconception #1:
Dealerships are more expensive. FALSE

Dealerships perform factory certified service.  Factory certified service saves you money in the long run. It’s designed to prevent unnecessary future service visits and ensure the highest resale value on your vehicle.

Common Misconception #2:
All Generic and Factory parts are the same. FALSE

Dealerships use only factory certified parts.  These are the same original parts installed at vehicle assembly. The factory part is designed for YOUR vehicle.  Generic parts are designed for MANY vehicles.

Common Misconception #3:
All technicians are the same. FALSE

Dealership technicians undergo intensive training and factory certifications. Some factories won’t allow non-certified technicians to work at the dealership.  The dealership technician is an expert on YOUR vehicle.

Common Misconception #4:
You can never get an appointment at the dealership: FALSE

Many dealerships have extended service hours on the weekend. Most dealers provide online scheduling tools to pick your appointment time.

If you want your vehicle to make it to 11.4 years on the road – schedule your next service appointment at the dealership.

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