Why DataClover?

What is DataClover’s Mission?

To make every dealership the top service provider for its brand in the local market.

How Does DataClover Retain & Reclaim Service Customers?

We blend your customer data with unique vehicle and service data.  By blending your data, we see the complete history of a customer and their vehicle.  Therefore, we’re more intelligent and timely in our service communications.

DataClover draws on data from numerous sources!

  • Your Dealership DMS
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) databases
  • NHTSA Recall Data
  • CARFAX Service History Reports
    • We identify defected service customers and the service repairs the vehicle had performed away from the dealership

What does DataClover Offer?

  • Customized service communication cadences optimized with Mobile Wallet for every vehicle make in the market
  • Generates loyalty incentives to optimize retention, prevent customer defection, and maximize service opportunity recapture amongst active dealership service customers.
  • Tools that allow dealerships to identify potential new service customers in-market and a proprietary system to turn these prospects into new customers

How do you retain and acquire new customers?
We’d love to know! Email patrick@dataclover.com, or feel free to call 404-816-3330.

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