What’s on Your Fridge?

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What advertisement is pinned on your refrigerator? Think about it.

Do you see the offer and expiration date multiple times per day? Do you check your calendar for when you can redeem the coupon? What service coupon makes it to their refrigerator?

These are great questions to ask the next customer in your service drive.

The power of direct mail is precise targeting.  Relevant and timely targeting get the mailer from the mailbox to the prime real estate that is your refrigerator.

According to the Direct Marketing Association, 51% of people prefer direct mail than emails from their local retailers. Also, 79% of consumers will act on direct mail immediately, while only 45% say the same of emails. This is because direct mail is perceived as a daily gift that connects the digital and physical world together to create a strong customer experience.

The answer to “what do my service customers value?” is the same as “what’s on your fridge?”

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