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In the U.S., consumers have access to a handful of choices when it comes to changing our oil. We can change it ourselves, take our car to the dealer, or head to an “express lube” like Jiffy Lube or Valvoline.

Many of us choose the “express lube” option because it’s quick and easy, and is typically a cheaper option. But, if you dive a little deeper, you’ll see that these service stations have an average of 1 star out of 5 on most consumer rating websites.


These “quick lube” service stations are like the fast food of the automotive industry. It’s quick, convenient, and cheap, but if you continue to eat fast food what happens to your body? The same can be said about your car.

Your car is typically the largest financial asset you own other than your home. Treat it that way. You can trust your local dealer to use factory approved parts, technicians, and processes.

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