Our Story

DataClover was founded on the belief that data and technology can deliver awesome customer experiences.  We founded our business to solve the automotive dealership’s problem of losing customers to local service and repair competitors.

In the U.S., the annual car service repair spend by consumers totals $223 Billion.  Dealerships only hold 13% share.  The car service repair business is dominated by the aftermarket service stations.

We believe there’s no reason the Dealership should own such a small share of the service market.  DataClover exists to help Dealers become, or maintain their position, as the #1 service provider for their selling brand in the local market.

Our Valuable Team Members

<strong>Patrick McSherry</strong>
Patrick McSherryPresident
<strong>David Berry</strong>
David BerryHead of Sales
<strong>Jimmie Nelson</strong>
Jimmie NelsonHead of Design & Branding
<strong>Ashleigh Kaufman</strong>
Ashleigh KaufmanHead of Marketing Operations
<strong>Jason Moyal</strong>
Jason MoyalHead of Product
<strong>Jacob Singer</strong>
Jacob SingerSenior Account Manager
<strong>Blake Culberson</strong>
Blake CulbersonAccount Manager
<strong>Sue Kenney</strong>
Sue KenneyBilling and CO-OP Manager
<strong>Jose Rojas</strong>
Jose RojasFull-Stack Developer
<strong>Eduardo Gonzales</strong>
Eduardo GonzalesFull-Stack Developer
<strong>Luis Macovei</strong>
Luis MacoveiProject Manager
<strong>Sathish Kumar</strong>
Sathish KumarMobile & Front-End Developer

Our Founders

<strong>Matt Ferguson</strong>
Matt FergusonCo-Founder & Chairman
<strong>Farhan Yasin</strong>
Farhan YasinCo-Founder & Vice-Chairman