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DataClover is helping automotive dealerships become customers’ first choice for service repairs. By working to increase customer loyalty, recapture previous customers, and gain new customers, DataClover is showing auto owners the advantages of having repairs done at the dealership over aftermarket shops.

One of the biggest advantages of having your vehicle repaired at the dealership is a service staff guaranteed to include technicians that are experts in your specific vehicle model. Manufacturers train the technicians that work at their dealerships, and usually offer ongoing training to help staff stay current on repair techniques and vehicle enhancements.

Taking your vehicle to a dealership for service will also ensure you know about any recalls. This is information you may not otherwise receive if you’ve moved since purchasing your vehicle. Dealers will check for any outstanding recalls whenever you bring your vehicle into the shop. Dealership technicians also have access to technical service bulletins or TSBs. These are messages straight from the manufacturer that include how to repair a specific problem.

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