Dealership Technicians Offer Expertise

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DataClover is helping automotive dealerships become customers’ first choice for service repairs. By working to increase customer loyalty, recapture previous customers, and gain new customers, DataClover is showing auto owners the advantages of having repairs done at the dealership over aftermarket shops. One of the biggest advantages of having your vehicle repaired at the dealership [...]

Educate & Inform: If you don’t, someone else will!

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Dealerships have to think long-term and build a relationships with customers. This starts with oil changes and other routine maintenance.  Most people do not keep their vehicle up to date with routine maintenance because they don’t actually know what needs to be done. The goal is to keep the customer involved by making them a [...]

What’s on Your Fridge?

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What advertisement is pinned on your refrigerator? Think about it. Do you see the offer and expiration date multiple times per day? Do you check your calendar for when you can redeem the coupon? What service coupon makes it to their refrigerator? These are great questions to ask the next customer in your service drive. [...]

How To Become #1 In Your Service Market?

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DataClover Helps Dealers Own Their Service Market by Blending Customer Data with Vehicle and Service Data. The result is improved service loyalty, more RO’s, new faces on the drive – and a 3X ROI. By aligning our solution with service-oriented dealers, we are helping the industry increase its share of customer pay repair order revenue. [...]

One Thing That Makes the Recall Experience Painful For Your Customers

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The word is out. Over 50 Million vehicles are subject to recall. “Recall Fatigue” is real. See the numbers to back it up here. Owners aren’t completing their recalls and dealerships are missing a large amount of unrealized service revenue. Bad Customer Experience We asked our dealership customers how they handle open recalls. The answers [...]

Looking For Fast Cash? Or Building Customers For Life?

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A successful dealership should know that their best sales employees are not always found at the front of the store, they are often in the back selling your service drive. But do your service advisors know this? With the majority of a dealership’s revenue coming from the service department, it is crucial for your service [...]

87% vs. 13% and Why Dealers Are Losing the Battle for Their Customer

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87% vs. 13% … What do these numbers mean? NADA says, annual U.S. auto repair sales total $223 Billion in Customer Pay. How much do dealership service centers receive? 13%. That’s it. The Aftermarket and Independent auto service repair shops get 87% of the $223 Billion in Customer Pay. The Dealership Service Center is losing [...]

The question everyone is thinking… How do I get more customers into my Service Drive?

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Well, my question to you is, “Are your service emails working?” Are customers mentioning them when they come in for service? By tracking the right email metrics, you can know for sure. With the information gathered from an email campaign, you can fix what is failing, and provide insights into what’s working. A strong open [...]

Why Tires are the Key to Service Retention

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Over the past few years, there has been a major push by dealerships and manufacturers to focus on service retention. The top two services customers have performed away from the dealership are oil changes and tires. Why Should I Care About Selling Tires? Yes, tires are a low gross profit item compared to services that [...]

Top 10 Email Marketing Statistics Shaping The Now

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Want to spend less time researching automotive email marketing best practices? We feel the same way. We have gathered the top eye-opening email statistics to empower your dealership's marketing department for you. Here is what is impacting the email marketing industry: The average open rate for a transactional email is 50% (MarketingSherpa) 51% of all [...]

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