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  • Dealership Technicians Offer Expertise

    Dealership Technicians Offer Expertise

    DataClover is helping automotive dealerships become customers’ first choice for service repairs. By working to increase customer loyalty, recapture previous customers, and gain new customers, DataClover is showing auto owners the advantages of having repairs […]

  • The Cost of Scheduled Maintenance

    The Cost of Scheduled Maintenance

    Founded in 2014, DataClover offers automotive dealerships tools to retain and recapture service repair customers. DataClover addresses the challenges new car franchises face in maintaining a service repair relationship with customers who purchased vehicles. The […]

  • AMA: Patrick McSherry, President of DataClover

    AMA: Patrick McSherry, President of DataClover

    How did you end up with DataClover? What is your career path history?
    I spent 9 years at CareerBuilder in Sales Leadership. I had the opportunity to work closely with DataClover’s founders Matt Ferguson and Farhan […]