AMA: Farhan Yasin Co-Founder, Vice- Chairman of DataClover

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What is most important to DataClover—mission, core values or vision?
FY: They are equally important, as each plays a significant role in our success.   With that being said, I tend to focus more on our values, as this is the day to day behavior that get us to our vision & mission.

 Winning Formula = Good Judgement + Results + Mirth = Win

You’re Paid for Your Opinion = Pick a side. “I don’t know” isn’t an answer. Be on the Court.

Mantra = Aggressive.

What is one characteristic that you believe every leader should possess?
FY: Focus (focusing on what matters)

What is your favorite book?
FY: The Cat in the Hat.

How do you encourage creative thinking within DataClover?
FY: By asking a lot of questions, and listening more than I speak.  

Do you have a daily routine that you stick to that improves productivity, health, and/or leadership?
FY: I like to have a cup of coffee every morning while skimming thru my favorite magazines and newspapers every morning.  

    • NY Times, Financial Times, WSJ, Economist, ESPN Magazine, Harvard Business Review,, David Cummings, Vanity Fair
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