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DataClover helps dealers become, or maintain their position as, the #1 service provider for their brand in the local market.

DataClover Helps Dealers Own Their Service Market by Blending Customer Data with External Vehicle and Service Data.

The result is improved service loyalty,  more RO’s, and new faces on the service drive. By aligning our solution with service-oriented dealers, we are helping the industry increase its share of customer pay repair order revenue. Out of the $223 Billion U.S. consumers spent annually servicing their vehicles, auto dealers only received about 13%. The DataClover team, along with the dealers we serve, believes this number is unacceptable.

Billion spent in customer pay
Went to the dealerships
Billion left on the table


Service Loyalty, Retention, and Conquest

All in One Platform


Every service customer can defect for different reasons and for the first time, you will be able to pinpoint exactly why they left and for which service.

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DataClover integrates to your Dealership’s DMS and instantly evaluates the retention and loyalty levels of your customer base. When do my service customers defect? Who are my most loyal customers? DataClover gives you analytics that answer the important questions.

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Every UIO in your PMA deserves the service experience at your dealership. We give you viewership of your market to identify the new customers ready to try your Service Drive and then deliver them to the dealership using powerful digital and traditional marketing activity.

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“In 5 months, we’ve been able to increase service profit by 14%. Today, 18 of our 35 Fields’ stores are on the DataClover program.”

– Dan Fields, President Fields Automotive Group

Dan Fields, Fields Automotive
“DataClover has helped us to fill our service drive above 100% capacity. Their approach to data analytics and how to use our DMS data to drive service revenue is 2nd to none. DataClover helps us to keep our customers loyal and engaged. I’d recommend DataClover to any dealership who is intent on owning their service market.”
Jamaal McCoy, Findlay Chevrolet
“Data Clover is all about gathering accurate information pertinent to the marketing success of our Center’s Service Department. DataClover is eager to help any way and always quick to respond to my needs and the needs to the entire Center. I appreciate all the reporting I receive from Data Clover to help manage my customer base.”
David Dovenbarger, Grayson BMW Knoxville
“Since partnering with DataClover in 2015 our ROI has increased significantly compared to our previous program. DataClover uses our DMS data and mixes that with smart marketing automation to drive business to our service drive, so much so that we are tailoring our BDC to work hand in hand with the various styles of leads DataClover generates. The customer success team is always highly engaging, readily available and provide quick turn around with tailored campaigns that can reach the customer very quickly. I’d recommend DataClover to anyone who is looking to increase their capacity and revenue.”
John Jordan, Sharpe Collection
“Since partnering with DataClover over the past 8 months; they have helped bring in over $400,000 in profit, and over 350 Conquest ROs. Our current ROI multiple sits at over 20x. DataClover uses smart marketing and combines that with our dealership’s DMS data to drive business and revenue to our service drive! Our current new customer acquisition cost is under $25, I’d recommend DataClover to any dealership genuinely interested in taking their service drive to the next level!”
Jonathan Polera, Mercedes-Benz of Caldwell
Our Dealership Group has been working with DataClover for nearly a year now to increase our Service Department revenue by conquesting people who have either never serviced their vehicle with us in the past, or haven’t been here in several years. The data they have access to that allows us to reach the correct audience is impressive, and we’re able to show a sizable ROI across all of our stores month over month. Their customer service and accessibility are also phenomenal. Whether it’s emails, phone calls, or even in-person visits from across the country, the staff at DataClover are constantly in contact with us to help measure our ROI, as well as brainstorm other ideas of how they can help grow our business across all departments. As a Marketing Director, working with DataClover has been almost effortless. They make everything easy and streamlined, from creating the graphics to executing the campaigns. Their software portal is robust but intuitive and easy to use, and any customization we have asked for have been honored and handled almost immediately. Overall, working with DataClover has been a pleasure and has proved to be a smart marketing decision for our business.
Christina DiSimone, Long Island Automotive Group

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