Service Prospects

DataClover works with your DMS to identify all prospects in your service area that currently own the car make of your choice who have NOT visited YOUR service department.

Conquest Opportunities

Gain competitive advantage by actively targeting conquest opportunities in your area that match profiles of your best customers. 

Loan & Lease

Imagine being able to know not only know where conquest opportunities are, but if they are currently in a lease, how much the lease costs per month, and how much time is left on the agreement. We can tell you that. 

Get to know DataClover

Welcome to DataClover,  the first and only proprietary consumer data software platform serving the automotive industry. We are empowering auto dealers to increase market share by transforming data and software into customers. Through our exclusive partnerships with more than 30 data providers, we have been able to aggregate full consumer profiles on more than 220 Million drivers across the United States. What makes us different is how we deliver the data. We build out a customized software platform for every client that provide full ownership of their market as well as end-to-end marketing automation.

Million Profiles 
Unique Data Pools
Data Points

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DataClover gave us the opportunity to discover new customers right in our backyard. Through their software we identified new car buyers to target our marketing campaigns. We now have the intelligence to market to our local car buyers with the right message, at the right time.
DataClover’s software has redefined the way we manage our business and market to our customers. From a service perspective, this data driven approach to marketing has helped us increase sales by 13%”
While I expected we would benefit from DataClover’s analytical and data-driven marketing expertise, I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly the team grasped our business in order to create a powerful and integrated platform for reaching potential clients using ultra-targeted marketing tactics.
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