Prioritize Prospects

Optimize your sales team’s efficiency, shorten your sales cycle and increase revenue through automatically prioritized leads.

Uncover New Opportunities

Gain competitive advantage by actively targeting new sales opportunities in your area that match profiles of your best customers. 

CRM Integration

DataClover simply enhances your existing software, making it easier than ever before to improve your business with data. 

Get to know DataClover

Welcome to DataClover, the first proprietary consumer data software that saves your business time and increases revenue. Built off of a Salesforce platform, DataClover software is compatible with any of your current systems and makes it easier than ever for your business to profit from data. Through exclusive partnerships with data providers, our software aggregates over 80 consumer data points which automatically populate for you. What are you waiting for? Better understand your customers, get a higher return on your marketing dollars and shorten your sales cycle by incorporating DataClover into your business today.

Million Households 
Data Points
Fields of Criteria
Users and Counting

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DataClover gave us the opportunity to discover new customers right in our backyard. Through their software we identified new car buyers to target our marketing campaigns. We now have the intelligence to market to our local car buyers with the right message, at the right time.
We no longer spend hours qualifying leads, nor do we waste marketing dollars on homeowners that don’t fit our present customer base.Our company is highly specialized and because qualification is very important to our sales process, we needed to find a way to shorten our sales cycle. Since partnering with DataClover, we’ve seen our average ticket price increase even though our advertising costs have decreased. DataClover has increased my business efficiency and I couldn’t be happier with the service.
Doug Cook, CEO, Feldco, Chicago, IL
While I expected we would benefit from DataClover’s analytical and data-driven marketing expertise, I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly the team grasped our business in order to create a powerful and integrated platform for reaching potential clients using ultra-targeted marketing tactics.
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